Hiten Patel
Community Activist

About Hiten

Hiten “Heaton” Patel is your candidate for YRDSB Trustee in Vaughan Area#1 (Wards 1 & 2) Kleinberg, Maple & Woodbridge 

As a Vaughan resident for 36 years, I have leveraged my passion in quantitative disciplines such as statistical analysis, financial and management reporting to guide diverse organizations in a variety of industries towards efficient governance and profitable operations. 

In recent years, I’ve spent my down time reading current topics and trends in behavioral economics, anthropology, sociology, among other wide-ranging diverse interests. 

As a father of three who will all be high school students by September, I am an advocate at the grass roots level for a socially and physically active lifestyle through involvement as coach, instructor and administrator with youth sports clubs in hockey and baseball for the past twelve years. 

Over the past three years I have transitioned into a full-time community activist including outreach and engagement at local schools as a standby public school crossing attendant for Wards 1 & 4 and former school assistant with YRDSB.    

In addition to community outreach through public schools and community sports, I also engage with Vaughan residents and ratepayers associations to ensure any development or related local issues don’t compromise the public realm for locals as well as visitors. 

The role of the public school trustee is to ensure the school system is meeting the needs of the children as well as the Canadian society as a whole so that graduates can become well rounded citizens in our communities.   The intent is not to create elite scholars although that is certainly a positive and desirable outcome.   The  core purpose is to help K-12 students become well-rounded individuals and follow their own path and destiny. 

My primary goal is to help bring back enrollment to neighborhood schools.  French Immersion is a great program but I am against having children from grades one to three transported by bus to schools outside their neighborhood.  Children under age ten especially would benefit by attending their local school if walking distance.  Children walking to school helps breaks down barriers to generate and sustain social infrastructure.

Financial literacy is a curriculum item that I’ll be advocating for as it is critical to help ensure young adults can manage their finances to help them become confident and independent in a world that encourages lending and spending. 

Please note I do not provide road or lawn signs, brochures, pamphlets or even photographs of myself online but please visit my personal website (www.HitenPatel.ca) and you’ll find a plethora of avenues to connect with me including social media, in person and telephone both today and after the election.  I encourage you to view the All-Candidates meeting video.  I am seated in the middle (#4). 

Whether or not I am elected I invite you to connect with me in the future as I will still attend YRDSB public meetings as I’ve done so the past six months.  Please drop me a line and stay in touch! 



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